The weather has been good to us here lately.  I can’t say enough good things about today’s subject, Naomi.  Naomi is punctual to say the least, its rare for a client to show up before me, so when I found out that Naomi had been ready for almost an hour before I arrived, I was uber surprised.

One thing that I found out from Naomi, which totally caught me off guard, is that she is burgeoning Portrait Photographer as well. She expressed her desire to learn and grow.  So not only was she modeling for me, but I suppose she was learning a few things as well.  (I wonder if I can add Photography Teacher to my resume?)  She recently got started with a Canon T5i, I won’t hold that against her. (I’m a Nikon Guy myself)  When I asked her about what draws her to want to do Photography she explained that she is interested in keeping at doing natural landscape photography, but wants to capture moments with the children as well as capturing one of the most precious moments in life, pregnancy.